Teamwork Makes the Dream Work!

Last week, a local family fled their home due to violence.  As a result, mom and children found themselves without the basic necessities for daily living.  HCFS case managers are experts in dissecting a crisis and immediately finding local resources to fill in the gaps.  While HCFS case managers evaluated the overall needs, fellow staff members jumped into action to solve a few of the immediate needs.  Such as beds to sleep in.  Thanks to our friends and colleagues at the FUMC Bunk Bed Ministry, the family was comfortable and warm in new beds with bedding and blankets with one brief phone call.  Electricity was turned on thanks to our friends at Bandera Electric.   Healthy supplemental food was provided by the Corner Cupboard.  Mom developed next steps and goals with our case managers.  It’s rewarding beyond measure to watch community teamwork in action.  A crisis was dealt with swiftly and successfully because we are the experts in time of crisis.  Life frequently throws us more than we are capable of handling without a little help from our friends.  HCFS is honored to be a friend in Kendall County.