Jill Ramsey


I believe in the power of choice. By giving our clients and shoppers the ability to choose their clothes, food and other essentials, we’re giving them power to change their own lives.

Jill Ramsey


Jill Ramsey

Jill Ramsey was born and raised in Bristol, Connecticut and graduated from Bristol Central High School. She then attended Dean College in Franklin, Massachusetts, and began a career in retail sales of high-end fashion merchandise. After years in retail, Jill then opened her own business, Diva Salon & Spa.

Moving to Durango, Colorado, Jill once again became involved in retail sales of clothing and household goods. She was recruited to take over management of the Animal League Thrift Store, which was part of the La Plata County Humane Society.

Jill moved to Boerne in 2007 and began volunteering with HCFS that year. She was hired by HCFS in 2008.

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