Jamie Cox


It’s easy for any nonprofit organization to say that they’re changing people’s lives. It’s another thing to actually do it. HCFS is doing it… and I love that we are doing it with professionalism, effectiveness and efficiency... and dignity, heart and compassion.”

Jamie Cox


Jamie Cox

A native of northwest Ohio, Jamie attended the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland, and subsequently served 20 years in the Marine Corps as a Naval Aviator. Deploying for Operation Desert Storm (Kuwait), Operation Restore Hope (Somalia), Operation Uphold Democracy (Haiti) and twice to Operation Iraqi Freedom (Iraq), Jamie flew 117 combat sorties, was recognized for valor in combat multiple times. He was wounded in action in Fallujah, Iraq. His non-operational tours included as an instructor pilot at Marine Aviation Weapons and Tactics Squadron One (the Marine Corps “Top Gun School”), two tours in the Pentagon, and a Congressional Fellowship where he was assigned to the US House of Representatives for 18 months. Following retirement in 2008, Jamie was sought and hired for several high-profile jobs: as a vice president with the oldest lobbying firm in Washington, DC; as a vice president in a Fortune 500 company with the responsibility of rebuilding a business unit; and the head of development in a program that defined, designed, manufactured, assembled, tested and flew a new class of military aircraft in less than 24 months.

In January 2015, Jamie was invited to join the board of directors of HCFS, and five months later, the board asked that he take the reigns as CEO. He began his service as Chief Executive Officer on June 2, 2015.


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