May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Hill Country Family Services partners with Sam McGee, CFA, MBA and the Texas Hill Country Mustang Club to raise awareness and the fight the stigma of Mental and Behavioral Health challenges in our community.

Remember May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Be aware of your needs and those of your neighbors ❤️.  Its important for all of us to know that mental health affects us, impacts us, and others around us are dealing with things everyday that we can’t see.  Mental Health Awareness month is a time for us to support each other.

In honor of Mental Heal Awareness Month, Rebecca Foley- Boerne’s Mental Health Officer shares her journey.

Rebecca is currently working towards her state licensure as a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, specializing in first responders, veterans, and the LGBTQIA community. She is a member of the Texas Counselors Association, the Texas CIT Association, the Texas Association of Hostage Negotiators, and a board member of Boerne Reads.

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Behavioral & Mental Health Collaboration for Kendall County

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Host: Staci Almager, With Hill Country Family Services

Guest: Matthew Mattera, author of Hope and co-founder of The Elizabeth Mattera Foundation

Staci Almager Talks with Matt Mattera about his book Hope, and the struggles he has had in life that helped inspire the book.

Eric Mattera will be signing books at Black Rifle Coffee Company on May 13th.   All proceeds from books sold will go to support EMF, a 501c3 nonprofit organization.                          Boerne Radio Podcast

Aired: 05/06/2023

Mike and Michelle, Mental Health Officers from The Kendall County Sheriff’s Office talk about mental health first aid and Rene – support dog for first responders. For more information go to