Hope. How do we all gain hope when struggling?

Hope.  How do we all gain hope when struggling?  For some people it’s something simple like a simple handshake.  For others it’s a kind smile.  At Hill Country Family Services, we extend a ray of hope for clients who walk through the door.  We don’t have all of the answers but hope starts by walking through the door asking for help.  We tell everyone that we’re better together.  We do better when we know more.  When clients are willing to be vulnerable and share the root of their issues, we can work together on positive solutions.  It’s virtually impossible to be vulnerable with strangers.  That’s why our staff and case managers strive to break down the barriers to build trust as soon as clients enter our front door.  With friendly faces, reaffirming statements and inspirational artwork we try to build a relationship the moment our clients enter.  Why does that matter?  Because people matter.  Hope builds when immediate needs are met.  When a child is provided a warm coat and a pair of shoes that fit.  When fresh and healthful groceries are in the kitchen.  When plans are made to attend financial budgeting classes to help a family make sense of a new financial situation.  And when basic needs are met… we can work on all the other things that need attention.  We build hope here.