HCFS’ Response to COVID-19

We’re just like you.  We’re people who can’t believe the daily shock and awe of what is happening in the world around us.  The difference is that at this time we’ve been called to literally serve our neighbor.  Our friends.  Our colleagues and co-workers.  Ordinarily, we don’t know our clients very well when they come in time of personal crisis.  We get to know them and offer our kindness and support.  At the end of our service we could easily say we’re good acquaintances or even friends.  But, COVID-19 has broken down all of the barriers.  We worked shoulder to shoulder with many people until COVID-19 struck our small town, disrupted our community, ruined our economy and effected our friends and neighbors.  But, we’re here to serve.  No matter who you are and in what context we know you… please let us help you with emergency healthy groceries for your family, with financial assistance to pay the mortgage or for the compassion that you need in time of crisis.  This is not a time to feel any emotion except gratitude.  Gratitude that we have a community who stands together to help each other.  We will get through this.  Together.