Immediate Assistance is Here

Getting Started

Step 1 - Apply

Our first goal is to nourish and clothe our neighbors in need. 


Food: After an initial application and screening for HCFS services is received, a client is provided access to the Corner Cupboard, self-selection food pantry. Fresh fruits, vegetables, dairy products, lean meats, artisan breads are available.


Clothing and Household Needs: Based on availability, we can assist with basic household items from the HCFS secondhand retail store Random Hangers & Warehouse.

Step 2 - Crisis Evaluation

Once assistance is provided, we take the time to listen to your situation.


Clients are given an appointment to meet with an HCFS Case Manager in order to receive a comprehensive evaluation of their crisis.

Acuerdo De Gestión De Casos

Step 3 - Identify Barriers

Many barriers exist for clients. Case managers work with clients to help identify the barriers which prevent them from working through the crisis.

Step 4 - Planning and Moving Forward

Both clients and case managers commit together to work through the crisis toward sustainability.


Clients set their own goals and we guide them to move forward with as many tools as possible.

Step 5 - Re-Evaluation and Release

We reassess quarterly to see if the solutions are working or not.


A crisis does not last a lifetime. We work carefully with our clients to ensure they are planning for their future after their crisis.

Additional Forms

After applying, we may need more information from you. Here are any additional forms you may be asked to submit.

Ingresos y Gastos del Cliente